The Appraisal Process

We will first discuss the size and scope of the collection and the purpose of the appraisal.

If it is a single specimen or a small collection, I can generally execute the appraisal from a series of high quality digital photographs supplied by you, along with a listing of the specimens.

However, if the collection is extensive or of high value, I must examine the item(s) in person.

My process is to examine, describe, and photograph each specimen on site, then return to my office, research the values, and prepare the report.

This report can also serve as a catalog of your collection.


After discussing the size, scope, and process with you and before I do anything else, I will give you an estimate for the work, because no one likes surprises.

I charge by the hour plus expenses. You may contact me for a current fee schedule.

References are available on request.